Building a Socially Responsible Business

2 February 2016
M4FM is holding a meeting today, hosted by CEO Allen McKenna and other members of the lead team, in central London.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss sustainable and socially responsible business practices.

During the meeting, Allen McKenna will outline his plans for a sustainable future, and how these plans will be realized. He will also provide an update, as well as review M4FM’s ongoing SR strategy. Other items on the agenda include Stakeholder Engagement, Human Rights and Economic Outlook.

M4FM Introduces Online Job Portal

February 29, 2016
M4FM has introduced its new job portal to streamline and enhance its recruitment process. This is important for making the recruitment process easier and more effective for both M4FM and potential candidates.

This will also be critical for connecting people around the globe with the various opportunities that exist within its growing business.

For a current list of opportunities, visit M4FM’s job portal.

New Head Office

March 7, 2016
M4FM’s new head office is now located on Black Prince Road in Vauxhall. The office is surrounded by some of London’s greatest attractions, including Big Ben, Mi6, and the London Eye.

The building was originally Royal Doulton’s principal office in the 1800’s.It is thought to be designed by Robert Stark Wilkinson, and is now the only surviving part of the Doulton pottery complex.

The site was chosen based on its central location, its proximity to the extensive public transport connections as well as its inspiring views.